Chips and silicon

It’s the epitome of an input-output economy gone wrong: the electronics industry is guzzling up resources, fuels a frenzied consumer culture and is the prime perpetrator of in-built obsolescence. Products has quite a guilty record in terms of environmental footprint and what’s more, high-tech companies are rather secretive about production processes.

Yet we love our gadgets. And some apps are great, helping us save time and outsmart our peers. I particularly love the iPhone app that tells me exactly which Tube carriage I need to get on so I’m closest to the exit when I alight.

Chips and silicon – new kinds of high-tech resources that drive the digital revolution forwards. I’m exploring the sustainability impact of the electronics industry. The digital revolution has taken us by storm, as more and more products become digital, receiving that microchip makeover. This blog will unravel how the electronics industry is affecting our resources, human health, the environment, and what opportunities exist to make the industry more sustainable.

Let’s start with a general overview.

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